Sunday, 6 November 2011

And The Winners Are....

 Village of the Damned is now finished for another year.  It's been a great festival with a fantastic selection of films and artwork that all the visitors enjoyed. We're already mulling over plans for next years fest but before we move on completely there's the little matter of announcing the 2011 winners of our VOTD awards. 

The first is the Best Film award as judged by us, the festival organisers, based on what film most met the VOTD objectives.  This year the award goes to....
Envy the Dead.  This Arab zombie film was a UK premiere filled with interesting shots, clever ideas and an incredibly atmospheric soundtrack.

The second award is the Audience Award, which (surprise, surprise) is chosen by the audience.  After each screening visitors had the chance to pick their favourite film and after the festival was finished we tallied up the votes to find out which film appealed to our audience the most.  The film that came out on top was.... Escape From Hellview.  This dark animation both terrified and delighted the festival goers with its style, reminiscent of 'The Snowman', which  depicted some very  disturbing and scary scenes.

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