Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Artwork News

Emails have been sent out to the artists who submitted work for the 2011 festival so get checking your inboxes.  All artists who sent work have been contacted apart from one.  Unfortunately, due to technology conspiring against us, an email from one of the first artists to submit has been lost! We loved the work that this person submitted, which included prints and sculptures, so if you sent us an email and haven't heard back please resend your details to submissions@votdfilmfest.org.  

Also it turns out that we have a bit more space than we thought and are on the look out for a couple more artists to help fill our walls.  If you create art or craft that has a horror theme please fill a submission form and some photos or a link to submissions@votdfilmfest.org with "VOTD Art" in the subject box.

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